Thanatos Archive Membership (Lifetime) Scroll Down for Details

Thanatos Archive Membership (Lifetime) Scroll Down for Details

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[ Before purchasing, please read the "IMPORTANT INFO" section below ]

DESCRIPTION: A lifetime membership to The Thanatos Archive, granting a single user full access to our post mortem and mourning photography collection for whatever period of time it continues to exist online! No need to ever worry about renewals! 

*********** * IMPORTANT INFO *********** * 

Memberships are provided in this store for customers who CANNOT pay by PayPal. If you are a PayPal user, purchase your membership here:   Archive accounts created using this link are activated automatically by our system at the time of purchase and ready to use.

For those purchasing a subscription through this store, please read:

Fill out the fields at the top of the screen, then add the membership to your cart. 

1. Username. This will be your new Thanatos Archive ID. It will be used at login, and will only be visible to other members when you comment on an image.

2. Email. This will be used to send renewal reminders and for password recovery. You will be able to change your email address after logging in.

3. Password. Required at login to help secure your Archive account. Your password can can be changed any time after first login. 

a. The info provided above will be used to create your personal Archive account. 

b. Accounts created through this store are activated manually. Accounts are typically ready to use in 1-2 hours, but due to time differences, please allow up to 12 hours.